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Simple Bear Safety Tips

Surviving a bear attack is as easy as these rules.

Director: Zack Phillips

Writer: Zack Phillips
Featuring: Langan Kingsley
Director of Photography: Adam Sacks
Editor: Zack Phillips
Graphics: Adam Sacks
Producer: Luke Kelly-Clyne
Crew: Brandon Tarzis

Special thanks to Ivan Sanchez for giving permission to use his photograph as the thumbnail image

The Least Sexy Tattoo

Nobody wants fairy tail

Writer: Luke Kelly-Clyne
Director: Adam Sacks
Starring: Julia Marie and Nicholas Frederick.
Editor: Brandon Lisy
Producer: Luke Kelly-Clyne and Brandon Lisy
Make-up: Erin Leigh Zimman
Sound: Brandon Lisy
Crew: Ashley Kuske, Luke Kelly-Clyne, and Silvija Ozols 
Special Thanks: Leslie Horn, Ali Pinckney, and Katy McEvoy

Mitt Romney is Autistic

It explains everything.

Writer, Director, DP, Editor: Adam Sacks
Starring: Brian Faas, Megan Maes and Patrick Clair
Lights and Sound: Matt Braunsdorf and Andy Bond
Producer: Brandon Lisy and Matt Braunsdorf
Extras: Kyle Ewert, Silvija Ozols and Anna Rubanova
Crew: Anna Rubanova and Silvija Ozols

Hot Sauna

Seriously, can you believe how hot this sauna is?

Writer: Zack Phillips
Director & Editor: Adam Sacks
Starring: Jonathan Marballi and Avery Monsen
Featuring: Matt Braunsdorf
Director of Photography: Matt Braunsdorf
Producer: Brandon Lisy and Matt Braunsdorf
Sound: Anna Rubanova
Crew: Andy Bond, Silvija Ozols, and Bridget Araujo 

Cloacas for Women

Cloaxia combines your vagina, urethra and anus into one hole.

Written, shot, edited and animated by Adam Sacks

Directed by Andy Bond

Starring Laura Michelle Cleary, Lisa Kleinman, Risa Sang-Urai, Keisha Zollar, Amy Goerlich, Avery Monsen, and Brian Glidewell

Produced by Luke Kelly-Clyne

Sound by James Leggero, Silvija Ozols, and Casey Cline

Production Assistants Andrea Shapiro and Jesse VandenBergh

"Pizza’s Place"

Move over, cake, it’s pizza’s turn for reality stardom!

Starring Ben Rameaka

Written by Leila Cohan-Miccio

Directed and graphics by Adam Sacks

Edited by Matt Braunsdorf

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